Higher education

Higher education

All the education sectors in Jammu and Kashmir, especially higher education are showing strides because of the new policies and establishment of new colleges.

Jammu and Kashmir has achieved landmark strides by effective implementation of schemes & projects.

Over 25000 seats were added with the establishment of 50 new colleges in one year, making it the largest seat addition in the last 70 years.

The education sector of J&K has achieved landmark strides in the last few years by effectively implementing all schemes and projects envisaging a notable improvement in the existing curriculum besides embarking upon various innovative new projects and works.

With an aim to reform the educational ecosystem and infrastructure across Jammu and Kashmir, the largest single addition of education capacity in 70 years was done with the addition of 25000 seats in 50 new colleges in one year only.

The focus of the Government has been value-based education; creating an environment for individual growth apart from scientific and technological knowledge. The education sector in UT is being reformed to meet the requirements of the rapidly transforming education system and the changing market dynamics. The shift in the curriculum at University and Colleges can have a decisive impact on the socio-economic environment of J&K. The department is working to create a perfect balance between students and teachers for shaping the young minds through a value-based knowledge system.

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