24*7 power supply

24*7 power supply

Central government has been very keen to streamline the power supply system in Jammu and Kashmir. For this purpose they have been very active on the ground funding all the transmission and distribution schemes so that people get uninterrupted power supply.

After the hard work of several years government of Jammu and Kashmir recently said that dream of J&K citizens for 24*7 power supply being fulfilled with remarkable improvement in power sector

Over the past many years, the determined effort of the J & K Government has ensured that every citizen of J&K realizes the dream of electricity despite weather vagaries and difficult terrain.

The J&K administration has ensured that common citizens get access to basic necessities of quality roads, electricity and water on priority basis. The aim of the administration is to provide quality electricity to all citizens and businesses and these augmented facilities will address the important need of the growing economy.

To address the current power deficit, J&K has initiated a large-scale capacity augmentation programme. In 70 years, J&K was able to harness only 3500 MW, and now generation capacity is set to be doubled in four years and tripled in seven years.Transmission & Distribution projects worth Rs 2000 crore are being completed, and an additional amount of Rs 6000 crore has been allocated by the central government to strengthen the Sub-Transmission & Distribution network across the UT. This will help the administration to bridge the basic infrastructural gap between cities and villages.

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