Power generation

Power generation

The J & K administration with the help of the central government is trying to make the place power surplus. In this direction, various central schemes in the power sector capacity have been enhanced especially in rural areas.

In the recent past both the central government and J&K administration are giving significant push to hydroelectric power generation across J&K.

Projects of more than 6300 MW capacity are in pipeline to make J&K power surplus in future.

The J&K government is giving a significant push to the generation of hydroelectric power with projects of more than 6300 MW capacity in the pipeline for making UT of J&K power surplus.

To improve the current power capacity substantially, J&K has initiated a large-scale capacity augmentation programme. In 70 years, J&K was able to harness only 3500 MW, and now generation capacity is set to be doubled in four years and tripled in seven years.

Since August 2019, 2451 MVA has been added to the total capacity as compared to the 8394 MVA capacity achieved in seven decades. The J & K Government launched various initiatives to strengthen and improve power infrastructure in the UT which had remained dilapidated for the last several decades.

The decade-long overdue up-gradation of power infrastructure which was ignored by successive regimes is being done in a sustained manner. According to a senior official, the present administration is eliminating the legacy of delays and all the languishing projects hanging for long are being completed in a record time.

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