Clean energy

Clean energy

The new global needs for clean energy have a reflection in South Asia. Jammu and Kashmir is also trying to contribute its bit to produce clean energy in future.

In this direction recently J&K administration said that they are on a mission to become the largest clean energy-producing UT.

200 MW grid-tiled rooftop solar power plants to be installed on residential buildings by JAKEDA under ‘Solar City Mission’ is one of the efforts to produce clean energy .

Jammu and Kashmir administration has an objective to reduce dependency on conventional sources of energy and enable J&K in attaining self-sufficiency in its energy needs.

The J & K Government recognizes that renewable energy can also significantly increase J&K’s and the Nation’s energy security.

To achieve this milestone, work is going on to implement the Government of India’s Grid-connected Rooftop Solar Scheme, Phase-II for the residential sector in Jammu to ensure that the electricity needs of the city are fully met from solar energy.

Under the project, 200 MW grid-tiled rooftop solar power plants will be installed on 50,000 residential buildings in Jammu city by the Jammu and Kashmir Energy Development Agency (JAKEDA) under its “Solar City Mission” at an estimated cost of Rs 1040 crore. The project will be completed by March, 2024 and will have a lifetime of 25 years.

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