Green cover

Green cover

In order to enhance the green cover of Jammu and Kashmir, the J & K administration has launched a fresh drive in this direction. They have kept the target of planting 1.5 cr saplings for the current year, so that there is a perfect balance between nature and development.

Recently LG Manoj Sinha launched this drive which is known as “Green Jammu & Kashmir Drive”.

He said that protection & conservation of natural resources and striking a perfect balance between nature & development is top most priority of his administration

He highlights the role of community participation in ecologically sustainable development especially in Jammu and Kashmir.

He gave a new mantra of two R’s – Respect and Restore the delicate balance in Nature is the way forward for a Green Future in Jammu and Kashmir.

Highlighting the role of people and society he said that PRIs, Civil Society must play an effective role as Partners of Green Mission so that development does not reduce the green cover here.

He said that citizens must take the lead in the Ecological Movement for Regeneration of green areas for the future of Jammu and Kashmir.

He said that it is the duty of every citizen and official of his administration to share the government’s vision for increasing UT’s green cover, making the protection of natural resources an integral part of the development model.

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