Digital initiative

Digital initiative

In order to provide online services to the common people in Jammu and Kashmir, the government has taken a lot of initiatives to give them corruption free services.

More than 200 online services of the government of Jammu and Kashmir are available for the common people and it is only one click away from them.

Recently Chief Secretary in connection with digital J&K week 2022 said that digital J&K initiative aimed at fair governance free of discriminatory biases and corruption; and move towards twenty first century governance making office visits obsolete.

He urged public & officers to use over 200 online services of the government.

He said that during the ongoing digital revolution, feedback from thousands of people can be gathered in a minute which can efficiently reveal the true face of our services. People can easily learn about development works being done anywhere in Jammu & Kashmir through Jan Bhagidari online platform, he informed.

Digital governance ensures fair governance. We must do away with the necessity to visit government offices altogether with digital services. Digital services are truly transparent and nondiscriminatory in nature, besides free from corruption.

He said that under the Public Service Guarantee Act, officers failing to provide services in stipulated time would be penalised. The Deputy Commissioners were also asked to spread awareness about the Act in this regard.

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