Aroma Mission

Aroma Mission

The scientists of CSIR and IIM Jammu have been able to motivate thousands of farmers to go for lavender cultivation so that they earn more money.

The CSIR Aroma Mission is envisaged to bring transformative change in the aroma sector through desired interventions in the areas of agriculture, processing and product development for fuelling the growth of aroma industry and rural employment.

It is expected to enable Indian farmers and the aroma industry to become global leaders in the production and export of some other essential oils in the pattern of menthol mint.

According to the Lavender farmers, the selling of at least one litre of its oil fetches them Rs 20,000. The farmers say that lavender grown over one hectare of land gives them a minimum of 40 litre of lavender oil.

Lavender water, which separates from lavender oil, is used to make incense sticks. Hydrosol, which is formed after distillation from the flowers, is used to make soaps and room fresheners.

IIM-Jammu also helps farmers to sell their produce as well as many private companies also procure lavender extracts from the farmers.

Doda district is leading the way and four distillation units have been set up by CSIR-IIIM Jammu in the district. Farmers from remote areas of district Doda reach these plants for extraction of lavender oil. More than 800 progressive farmers of Doda have adopted aromatic cultivation which has now proved out to be profitable.



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