Hydroelectric Projects

Hydroelectric Projects

Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir will be the new power hub when different hydroelectric projects started by the government are completed.

The surplus power from Kishtwar will not only be utilised for other parts of the UT, but will also be sold to other States in future.

1000 MW Pakal Dul Project, 624 MW Kiru Project, 540 MW Kwar Project and 930 MW Kirthai Project are all located in close vicinity of each other, along with 850 MW Ratle Project which has been revived as a Joint venture between the Centre and the J&K government.

Pakal Dul HE Project (1000MW) is under active construction after river diversion was carried out. The project will generate 3230 MWs annually and is expected to be completed by July 2025. Kiru HE Project (624 MW) is also under active construction. The river diversion was carried out recently and after completion it will generate 2272 MWs annually. The project is expected to be completed by July 2025.

The work on Kwar Hydro Electric Project (40MW) started in 2022 and the project will generate 1975 MUs annually and scheduled completion is in November 2026.

Ratle HE Project (850 MW) is under construction and work started by awarding EPC Contract in January 2022.

The scheduled date of commissioning of the project is 10th Feb 2026 and once commissioned, project will generate 3136 MUs annually. Kirthai-II HE Project (930 MW) is under investigation and will generate 3329.52MUs annually on commissioning.

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