Transparent administration

Transparent administration

In order to make the system of administration transparent, the government of Jammu and Kashmir has taken a lot of steps in this direction.

Now for a common man in Jammu and Kashmir the works completed are available online on the empowerment portal of the government. EMPOWERMENT (Enabling Monitoring and Public Overview of Works Being Executed & Resources for meaningful Transparency) portal which  gives details of projects and related expenses and  puts then in  public domain, making administrative and technical approvals, e-tendering, geo-tagged photographs mandatory for payments; online billing through “JK Payment System”; streamlining of GST; e-stamping; e-GRAS; digital payments; implementation of GeM; publication of important manuals relating to Budget and Audit, Back to Village and My Town My Pride initiatives and 100% physical verification of projects.

 The administration has successfully implemented innovative initiatives in this regard which inter alia included BEAMS, online submission of bills through J&K PaySys, mandatory administrative approvals, technical sanctions and e-tendering, digital payments, GFR, GeM and related measures which have greatly helped in bringing financial discipline in government departments here.

Key reforms introduced by the Jammu and Kashmir government in its financial structure envisaging added transparency and accountability have brought UT’s fiscal system at par with any other progressive arrangement across the country.

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