Farming reforms

Farming reforms

The J & K administration has brought a lot of farming reforms so that the average farmer is benefited the most. In this direction recently LG Manoj Sinha while attending the conference on farmers said that reforms introduced in the agriculture sector in J&K is bringing on the focus an agriculture based economy and having more than 70% of the population dependent on agriculture, special impetus has been given to make J&K’s agriculture system sustainable and profitable.

Introduction of progressive land reforms and efforts towards diversification, allied activities and high density plantation have enabled farmers with small land holdings to earn more and in the future high density plants will provide them more economic cushions.

Integrated approach of farming has already been initiated and the government is promoting agro-based employment generating activities. Revival of traditional crops with market linkage support, GI tagging of local produce, high density plantation and allied activities have successfully brought prosperity for the farmers.

He highlighted that various strategies are being adopted for promotion of allied enterprises such as dairy farming, apiculture, sericulture and food processing in augmenting farmers income to reduce losses and open greater opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship.

Underlining the need to make necessary interventions to ensure food security for the growing population, he called on stakeholders to work on mission mode for effective implementation of the Millet mission, Exotic Vegetables Farming, promoting micro-irrigation and reducing crop waste.

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