Sustainable health schemes

Sustainable health schemes

Post covid-19 impact, J&K administration is working on the ground to provide better health facilities to the common people.

Golden card or the health cover schemes is being implemented in every district and a lot of people have availed the benefits.

Government is trying to register every person in Jammu and Kashmir under the scheme so that they get free medical care.

Recently the Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir has advised the health agency to study the claims of other states to make the scheme more sustainable and promising for the beneficiaries. He asked them to work out the best sustainable model in consultation with different stakeholders for extending maximum benefit to the needy patients of the J&K.

The ACS, Finance made out that the administration did best to extend the health benefits uninterruptedly to the people. He reiterated that it is the endeavour of the administration to devise policy that is in the best interest of people.

In this meeting the Council gave approval to SHA for introducing ‘e-RUPI Concept’ as a pilot project in selected Tertiary Care hospitals in the UT. It was given out that the primary objective of using e-RUPI is reducing out-of-pocket expenditures (OOPE) borne by the beneficiaries on diagnostic tests not performed in these government run health facilities.

The meeting was informed that among the 196149 received claims amounting to Rs 353.74 crores, 147180 claims amounting to Rs 236.84 crores had already been disbursed with 35536 claims under the process at various EHCPs.

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