School education

School education

With the implementation of new education policy NEP-2020, school education system is witnessing marked change.

Both students and teachers will be now getting the latest trainings under the new education policy.

In all the review meetings across Jammu and Kashmir government is focusing on the school education system. Recently Chief Secretary directed that toilets be made functional in all the schools and laid stress on saturating kindergarten classes, increased vocalization, and ensuring biometric attendance in schools.

He called for conducting social audit of primary schools by local panchayat members and instituting a system of student feedback from class 6 onwards.

In Higher Education, he directed that GDC Jourian and GDC Bhagwati Nagar should be completed on time, as he was reviewing the overall developmental scenario in Jammu district.

The Employment Department was asked to organise workshops with the support of allied departments. The departments implementing self employment schemes were directed to support the unemployed youth to establish their units in the district.

He informed us that the largest ever recruitment was done by the government last year since independence.

He said that the government is giving a major thrust to self employment and the same will be promoted in the upcoming Back to Village 4 programme.

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