Prosperity indicators

Prosperity indicators

When the socio economic conditions of the people change these are the indicators of prosperity in a society. In Jammu and Kashmir in the past few years the government is trying to change the socio economic condition of the people by introducing many schemes.

Recently LG Manoj Sinha said that J&K has the potential to emerge as a powerhouse of prosperity.

He said that it is a shared goal to tap immense resources and the talents to ensure a better life for all our citizens in Jammu and Kashmir.

He was addressing the IIT BHU Global Alumni Meet at Santa Clara, California.

He lauded the efforts of the young IITians for their accomplishment and advancements in emerging technologies and strengthening dynamic technology ecosystem for societal transformation.

He conveyed the motto of shared effort, progress for all and urged the innovators, entrepreneurs to contribute to India’s growing knowledge economy.

Development is powered by technology and innovation. India has created vibrant and fastest growing innovation ecosystems in the world and has helped create several thousands of startups and over 100 unicorns attracting huge investment. I urge entrepreneurs to invest in India, the cradle of civilization and the most attractive investment destination of the world.

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