Accident management

Accident management

In order to have road safety measures in place the government has held a series of meetings to minimize accidents on roads.

Recently an Advisor to LG in one of such meetings has impressed upon the officers of different wings of administration for enforcement of safety laws and necessary improvements to make the system responsive for accident management.

He asked the officers that in-depth analysis of data obtained through Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS), Road Accident Data Management System (RADMS) and Integrated Road Accident Database (I-RAD) should be done as it will help in devising safety interventions and help in analysing the causes of crashes. Calling for augmentation and upgrading the traffic department, he enjoined upon the officers that the traffic policemen should be trained and necessary equipment should be provided to them so that they can perform their duties effectively and efficiently. Reviewing the ongoing projects of the Traffic department, he stressed upon the concerned officers to gear up utilization of funds meant for necessary procurement for different equipment for road safety measures. He asked them that the procured vehicles and other equipment like patrolling vehicles, motorcycles, mobile interceptors, cranes, high tech cameras and others should be deployed at the required places.

He asked the Police and Transport Department to make a concrete plan for creating awareness among people regarding road safety by involving schools and colleges as well as other institutions.

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