Progressing J&K

Progressing J&K

The Government of Jammu and Kashmir has been implementing different schemes on the ground to see the visible progress. In this direction recently the government decided to ensure transparency and fully digitised the Ladli Beti Scheme.

So far J&K government has disbursed Rs 75 cr to beneficiaries through DBT this Financial year.

To ensure that the objective of Ladli Beti Scheme reaches to maximum beneficiaries with transparency, J&K Government has fully digitised this social assistance scheme.

The Government has set a timeline of 45 days for the officers dealing with the scheme to complete the status of application. The Social Welfare department has asked all the officers to do away with physical applications anymore.

 Recently Chief Secretary has launched end-to-end digitized e-service for Ladli Beti scheme designed and developed by NIC, a single window platform for submission and tracking of applications with no human intervention.

This service enables the applicant to apply, check and track the status of the application which will be forwarded online by the stakeholders to the next level. Also, the sanctioned applications and letters digitally signed will be forwarded to banks online.

Under this scheme, all the girl-child born on or after 01-04-2015 and whose parents/guardians income does not exceed Rs 75,000 per annum is eligible to be covered. The beneficiaries get Rs 1000 per month credited into the bank account through DBT Mode of the Girl Child up to the age of 14 years and after attaining the age of 21 years, the girl child will get an approximate amount of Rs 6.50 lakhs.

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