New policy

New policy

The Government of Jammu and Kashmir recently said that under new industrial policy a lot of units are being established and they are doing the production.

Recently the Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir held a review meeting to get the feedback from the ground.

He was informed that during the year 2022-23, 197 units with an investment of Rs 542 cr and employment to 2202 persons have come under production in Jammu Division. In Kashmir Division some 401 units have come under production with an investment of around Rs 300 cr and employment generation for 4120.

It was revealed that 70 units in Jammu have initiated work on ground with a projected investment of Rs 1454 cr. Similarly in Kashmir Division38 units with a projected investment of Rs 952 cr have initiated work on ground. Besides it was added that the total employment   potential of all applications is nearly 2.8 lakh persons.

The meeting was further apprised that 314 lease deeds have been executed till date and more 295 are under process. Moreover, land has been allotted to 519 new units in Jammu Division and 1122 units in Kashmir Division.

In the ensuing month it was revealed that 55 lease deeds had been executed and 30 have deposited the premium. In addition,132 lease deeds are under execution and 35 units have initiated work on ground during this month. The meeting also came to know that work in 4 industrial estates has been initiated during this period.

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