Time to end climate of indecision in Rajasthan, says Sachin Pilot amid fresh tussle

Time to end climate of indecision in Rajasthan, says Sachin Pilot amid fresh tussle

In the ongoing power tussle over Rajasthan feud, Sachin Pilot has in the latest instalment of his clash with the Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot asserted that Congress MLAs in Rajasthan who revolted against the party must be penalized.

Making a new indirect bid for his taking over as Chief Minister, Pilot said, “It’s time now to end the climate of indecision in Rajasthan.”

Highlighting the fact that state is due to vote in 13 months, Sachin Pilot said, “Party observer KC Venugopal had said a decision on the Rajasthan situation will be taken soon.”

Taking a jibe over, how Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Gehlot as a senior chief minister at a government function in Rajasthan yesterday., Pilot pointed out, ” This praise should not be taken lightly. Everyone knows what happened after PM praised Ghulam Nabi Azad.”

“Eyewitnesses took the situation in Rajasthan seriously. The party has asserted it was indiscipline. Three MLAs got notices. Now, there should be action,” he told reporters while campaigning in Himachal Pradesh.

Expressing his belief on the new president, Mallikarjun Kharge, Pilot said, “Congress is an old party with the same rules for everyone, no matter how senior. I believe, Kharge Ji will soon take action.”

Pilot also remarked that Gehlot had apologised to then party chief Sonia Gandhi for the hostility his loyalists showed against moving him to the national stage.

However, both Pilot and Gehlot are guilty of acting against the party line.

In July 2020, Pilot attempted to force a promotion from Deputy Chief Minister by cutting off about 20 MLAs in a resort near Delhi. The message was that unless he were given Gehlot’s job, he would crack the party. However, his exercise fizzled out because of the modest backing he received. Pilot was penalised by being eliminated as Deputy Chief Minister and as the president of the party’s Rajasthan unit.


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