Village development

Village development

In order to make the development important at the village level, the Back to Village program has proved very fruitful for this purpose.

Recently Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha addressed an event in connection with the ongoing Back to Village programme at Sheikhpura area of Budgam district.

Back to Village is the government’s endeavour to realize the vision of Gram Swaraj, and facilitate communication, cooperation and coordination between government and the people.

More than 25,000 officers are making field visits across the UT to receive feedback from the public on various schemes being implemented by the government. The Visiting Officers will ensure 100% saturation of welfare schemes and achieve the targets of self-employment and skill development.

Progress and prosperity of the common man, doorstep delivery of government services and establishing peace are the priorities of the government.

For decades, corruption flourished in service delivery and had widened the gap between people’s expectation and implementation.  It is our utmost duty, our ultimate responsibility, to bridge the gaps between public expectations and government delivery mechanisms. We are determined to bring transparency, accountability and inclusiveness in the governance system to meet the people’s aspirations.

With deliverables reaching the doorsteps of the people, every officer, common citizen and public representatives who are the driving forces of good governance must turn this Back to Village initiative into an opportunity for economic development and social change of rural J&K.

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