Path of Reform

Path of Reform

J&K administration is on the path of reform as LG Manoj Sinha has recently said that he will not tolerate any corruption at any level in his administration.

He said the path of Reform, Perform and Transform which we have chosen is the right path to move ahead. Some people are making deliberate attempts to derail this journey but we will never let their nefarious designs succeed.

Zero Tolerance against Corruption on the ground has brought transparency in Governance and ensuring benefits of good governance reach the last person in the queue without any discrimination.

The system is being strengthened through the use of cutting-edge technology and administrative reforms leaving no scope for randomness and discretion. We continue to build an efficient, transparent and accountable system at all levels for seamless delivery of services.

He observed that honesty, integrity and moral values are the real capital of a society and for J&K to become Aatma-Nirbhar, we must work for a shared ambition to create a future in which everyone lives these values for a better life and developmental efforts yield desired results.

He commended the Anti Corruption Bureau for working tirelessly to prevent and investigate corruption-related matters and bringing culprits to Justice. He asked the Anti Corruption Bureau to work with redoubled determination to further strengthen the people’s trust.

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