Engineering technology

Engineering technology

National Policy Education is being implemented in Jammu and Kashmir and it will give a boost to every aspect of education including engineering.

Recently LG Manoj Sinha inaugurated.8th National Conference & Exhibition on emerging & innovative trends in engineering technology at the Government College of Engineering and Technology, Chak Bhalwal.

Addressing the gathering of students and technocrats from across the nation, he said the Industry 4.0 technologies and the fourth industrial revolution is driving economic growth and building skills for future jobs.

Extraordinary engineering innovations will not only change our lives but also shape the future to realise socio-economic goals. Rapid adoption of digitisation in many fields of manufacturing & business will ensure smart factories significantly increase output of production lines.

The impact of climate change is also visible in new and extraordinary innovations changing our lives. Industry experts, engineers, academic experts and the platforms like NCEEITET have an important role to invent new tools, new products and future path for prodigious change.

High performance Industry 4.0 tools, engineering enterprise, technological dynamism to nurture an innovation-driven economy and our resolve to ‘Make in India, Make for the World’ will propel India to the category of advanced economy.

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