Clean villages

Clean villages

Government of Jammu and Kashmir after establishing the panchayati raj system is trying to give a new face lift to all villages. Recently the Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir has called for intensification of efforts to clean all the villages. He emphasised upon all the concerned to intensify their efforts to clean all the villages and ensure proper hygiene in all habitations.

The meeting was attended by the Commissioner Secretary, RDD, Deputy Commissioners and Director, Rural Sanitation either physically or virtually.

He impressed upon the officers to follow a simplified model of waste collection from doorsteps of households, creating the material handling facilities and then disposal of the same in a scientific manner.

He advised them to create segregation facilities for a cluster of nearby villages if not feasible for a single village. He told them to sensitize the people about the cleanliness of their surroundings and also penalize those found littering around undesirably.

He maintained that cleanliness is the foremost task we have and all have to be serious about it. He observed that the job is for everybody to perform beginning from the self to his/her surroundings. He made out that the task of cleanliness of our villages is not a difficult task to accomplish if we all do our bit.

He took appraisal from all the Deputy Commissioners about the status of Door to Door collection of waste in villages, construction of segregation sheds, provision of Composit/Soak pits, drainage facilities, and disposal of waste in their villages. He also enquired from them about the Plastic Waste Management plans for he remarked that such a waste creates unhygienic conditions mostly in our surroundings.

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