Transparent system

Transparent system


J&K administration is on its path to make the system more transparent and responsive so that people get free access to its functioning.

Recently Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir launched an online audit application for its line departments.

The meeting was attended by the Principal Secretary, Jal Shakti; Principal Secretary, PWD; Commissioner Secretary, IT; DG Budget; DG Audit & Inspections and other concerned officers.

He commended the local Audit department for developing this facility. He observed that it will make the process easy and more focused. He advised the department to keep balance between post audit and concurrent audit of accounts.

He remarked that the system should be made more reliable and productive in terms of outcome. He asked them to forward the new audit manual which includes e-audit to all the offices so that they are made aware about the new systems.

He enjoined upon them to link the same with e-office so that officers have insight about the relevant reports and pending audit paras. He maintained that this mechanism should ensure that the audit is more thorough and comprehensive even if the auditors do not visit the auditees physically. He told them to make it both efficient in terms of quality of audit and management of time.

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