New Assessment

New Assessment

New education policy being implemented on the ground will show its results in Jammu and Kashmir. J&K administration has recently said that a new Assessment, Evaluation Scheme to Take Effect from the Next Academic Session here.

The SCERT is to implement schemes for all government, recognized schools in the entire Jammu and Kashmir.

The government has decided to implement the Student Assessment and Evaluation Scheme (SAES) starting with the upcoming academic session, which will require the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) to develop uniform question papers for all government and government recognized schools in Jammu and Kashmir.

This decision represents a significant change that will put an end to the traditional examination system here.

As per the NEP-2020 examination reforms, the purpose of assessment will change from one that is summative and primarily tests rote memorization skills to one that is more regular and formative, is more competency-based, supports our students’ learning and development, and tests higher-order skills like analysis, critical thinking, and conceptual clarity.

The pupils would receive a multidimensional report card or a holistic progress card in place of a grade sheet, which would reflect each learner’s individuality and progress in detail. Software assisted by artificial intelligence would create a 360-degree perspective of a student’s progress and help them choose the best careers would also be used.

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