Vegetable revolution

Vegetable revolution

There is a major thrust of the agriculture department of Jammu and Kashmir to bring vegetable revolution here.

For this purpose they have started new schemes and have done investments so that the farmers switch over to the vegetable sector in Jammu and Kashmir. The J & K agriculture department is going the hi-tech way thus kindling the vegetable revolution here. With an investment of more than Rs 400 crore J&K to double returns for vegetable farmers to Rs 8000 crore every year, is the target of the agriculture production department.

According to the government of Jammu and Kashmir this will create 48000 jobs, 4700 enterprises  and these farming interventions will change the socio economic condition of farmers. A major change is brewing in the Vegetable sector of Jammu and Kashmir through precision farming intervention which will double the gross output of vegetables from Rs. 3982.50 Cr to Rs. 8021.25 Cr per year. The intervention which shall be carried out over the next five years by the Agriculture Production Department (APD), shall involve a project cost of Rs 420 crores.

Commercial vegetable farming has been identified as a key tool in achieving economic prosperity of the farming community through a significant income boost and the Agriculture Production Department has laid a great emphasis on commercial production of local & exotic vegetables, said Additional Chief Secretary (ACS), APD. He further said that J&K has a unique advantage as compared to the rest of the country in that it can undertake year-round cultivation of vegetables and can grow almost every vegetable crop, including exotic ones which are in high demand and have export potential.

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