Ladakh back in news on the political front

Ladakh back in news on the political front

By: Javaid Malik MK


UT of Ladakh is slowly moving back to Jammu and Kashmir on the political front, as the united political leadership of Ladakh recently said that it was better for them to be the part of J&K rather than being now a union territory being ruled by Delhi.

The Apex Body of Ladakh and Kargil Democratic Alliance have recently decided not to meet the high power committee constituted by the central government to look for the demands being put forth by them which include that Ladakh should be declared as a separate state.

Reacting to the latest boycott by the Apex Body of Ladakh, former Chief Minister and PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti in  series of tweets has welcomed the steps taken by the political leaders of Ladakh and have appealed them to join J&K leadership for the struggle to get their identity safeguarded.

 “This certainly doesn’t bode well for GOI, especially amidst a border standoff with China & also demolishes their lies that 5th August was beneficial or acceptable for people of J&K including Ladakh,” Mehbooba said.

“Urge my Ladakhi brothers & sisters to stand with us in our collective fight & struggle for safeguarding our unique identity & interests. For the past three years, vicious propaganda has been unleashed to create fissures between J&K and Ladakh,” Ms. Mehbooba said in a series of tweets.

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