Geographical Indications

Geographical Indications

Geographical Indications will help in the growth of agriculture and allied sectors and also handicraft sector. Recently LG Manoj Sinha inaugurated a two-day workshop on Geographical Indications (GIs) of North-Western Himalayas at SKUAST-Jammu.

Geographical Indication could be a game changer for rural economy and J&K will lead in GIs use for agricultural & handicraft sectors as the government is keen for the growth of rural economy.

Geographical Indications has the potential to substantially extend wider benefits to rural areas while strengthening historical and cultural link between place & people.

Besides ensuring sustainable livelihoods & generating more income for producers, GIs will also play a key role in protection of indigenous knowledge. It will help the particular geographical area to produce and sustain niche market products.

People First’ is the new mantra to speed up the pace of sustainable development in Jammu and Kashmir. Special impetus is being given to create physical, economic & knowledge connectivity to reduce Rural-Urban gap, improving rural economy & protecting the interest of small & marginal farmers across Jammu and Kashmir.

GIs denote the origin and the quality of products, the aim of the government is to establish local brands in the global market through effective brand & marketing strategy. Other mechanisms are also being evolved to address the challenges faced by producers.

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