Reliable services

Reliable services


The J & K administration has been working on the ground to ensure efficient, reliable services to common citizens.

In order to provide these services one click away from the citizens, 215 services available on the portal, 1472350 certificates issued till date by the administration in Jammu and Kashmir. Keeping pace with the digital revolution taking place in the present era, E-Unnat has been successful in extending efficient, transparent and reliable government services to common citizens fulfilling their basic needs in a more robust and responsive manner.

With this vital technological intervention, the people now can easily avail all government services at the click of a button thus getting much needed relief from unnecessary hindrances at different official levels. Jammu and Kashmir administration has made a remarkable achievement in the digital journey of Jammu and Kashmir with e-Unnat having 215 services available to the public. Besides, the portal is acting as a window for the government to obtain feedback from citizens on any subject related to service delivery to identify grey areas for further improvement.

Through e-Unnat, citizens need to first register and apply for any service by filling an application form. After that, they will receive an output certificate/report as the service deliverable. Notably, Chief Secretary, Dr. Arun Kumar Mehta, inaugurated the integration of Public Service Guarantee Act (PSGA) portal having Auto-Appeal System feature with the e-UNNAT to provide a major impetus to transparent, citizen friendly and efficient governance. With this step, the J&K government has now integrated the online dashboard ( for all citizen centric services available on e-Unnat Portal, as per the provisions of PSGA .


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