Apiculture Sector

Apiculture Sector

In order to give a big boost to beekeeping in Jammu and Kashmir, the J & K Agriculture Department is giving a big push to this sector with huge investment.

The J&K Apiculture sector is eagerly awaiting the launch of a mega project, approved by the UT administration, aimed at promoting apiculture with investment of Rs 47 crore in next three years.

The prestigious project is expected to significantly increase honey production in the UT.

Efforts are underway to introduce apitherapy to a wider audience. The sector is projected to grow from its current annual output of Rs 69 crore to  Rs 682 crore within five years, resulting in gainful employment for 8122 persons and creation of 82 private sector enterprises.

The project, which is being carried out by the Agriculture Production Department, has been allocated a budget of Rs 46.65 crore with an avowed objective of increasing honey production three-fold, the bee population by 333 percent and crop production of cross-pollinated crops by 20-25 percent.

Beekeeping is an important source of income and livelihood for many rural youth, landless farmers, and small and medium- farmers in J&K. The honeybees not only produce honey but also play a crucial role in pollinating thousands of flowering plants, thereby contributing to food security, Additional Chief Secretary, Agriculture Production Department said.

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