Moral responsibility

Moral responsibility

It is the collective moral responsibility of all in the society to help and assist specially abled children and youth. However, government intervention in the form of schemes and assistance is very important for the survival and progress of specially abled people. In this direction recently Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir said that assisting disabled our moral & social responsibility and called for making public buildings especially schools, hospitals specially abled friendly structures. He emphasised upon the need for having public infrastructure amenable to specially-abled people for their easy access to them, especially schools and health institutions of the UT.

He made these remarks while chairing the 22nd Steering Committee meeting of the Scheme for Implementation of Rights for Persons with Disabilities (SIPDA) here.

He stressed on taking all the measures possible for making public offices and infrastructure accessible to such persons. He advised them to have ramps and rails in every office, especially those visited often by such persons. He told them to have disabled-friendly washrooms in such buildings besides signages and other facilities for assistance to such persons. He advised them to take both short term and long term measures to tackle this issue.

In terms of adopting the innovative approaches, the Chief Secretary underscored the need for establishing a helpline with a nodal officer who could facilitate them in getting appointments with senior officers or offices in administration. He told them to create waiting halls for these persons in the ground floor of these offices for meeting the officers to apprise them about their issues. He also directed for giving suitable accommodation to specially-abled employees in the ground floor of the office they are working at.


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