Wool sector

Wool sector


Wool has been an ancient craft in Jammu and Kashmir and has caught the attention of administration. In order to provide employment opportunities to many people, the J & K administration is all set to produce the best quality wool, and need to tap economic potential.

Recently, the Additional Chief Secretary (ACS), Agriculture Production Department (APD), chaired a meeting to discuss a roadmap for revamping the wool sector in Jammu and Kashmir.

The developments would be made with the support of Central Wool Development Board (CWDB), Rajasthan Rajasthan.

It was revealed that India is a major wool producing nation of the world. Much of its produce is of coarse nature. Regions like Jammu and Kashmir have a distinction of producing high quality, apparel grade wool and its potential is yet to be fully exploited.

The Central Wool Development Board is expected to provide support in the form of skill training, human resource development, modern machinery besides other technical assistance.

The UT administration has already approved plans and revolving funds for revival of the sector in J&K, informed the ACS. He said that the administration seeks support in wool collection, procurement, marketing and human resource development.

He said that the infrastructure for establishing the necessary setup is already in place. He suggested setting up of Common Incubation Centers to provide training to individuals in the sector besides establishing Common Facility Centers.



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