Climate change

Climate change


Forests are playing an important role in the climate change scenario and for this purpose the government of Jammu and Kashmir is trying to do forest management with the latest technology available.

Recently LG Manoj Sinha inaugurated a Forest Resource Management center in Jammu and asked the officials to use the technology in forest protection and climate change mitigation.

He said nature unites us. I want every citizen to become a Green Warrior and take action on climate change. We should have a 10-point vision document which will act as an MoU of commitment with the society to protect the nature in the neighborhood.

He shared the efforts of the forest department in safeguarding the ecological wealth and making technological interventions an important factor in forest management.

In Amrit Kaal our aim is to integrate ecosystem and biodiversity values into development planning and work in a holistic manner for clean air, fresh water, biodiversity conservation and mitigation of human-wild animal conflict.

Greater use of technology will help the field staff to make effective decisions for protection and management of forests and augment the efforts of the frontline forest field staff in securing this valuable resource.

Geo-tagging has revolutionized the management of different types of forest assets. GIS technology and Mapping have emerged as powerful instruments in conservation efforts. With GIS mapping and ground-based digitization, we can effectively tackle the challenge of encroachment.


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