Social values

Social values

The main edifice of our society is based on old traditions and culture. Social service is the part of such a foundation in a society. Social groups play an important role to change the lives of those people who are struggling on the ground.

Recently LG Manoj Sinha said that these social groups contribute in the service of the people and play an important role to shape the future of the society.

Seva- Service is important in our cultural & spiritual traditions. Our social values teach us to be compassionate, caring & sensitive to others. Non-governmental organisations have a greater role in expanding & deepening these values and infuse sensitivity into public service. He said it is important to work for societal transformation by lifting others. It is essential for social groups and individuals to come together and make contributions with values in the service of the people. Villages and cities have a greater role in accelerating the development and realizing the vision of India becoming the third largest economy of the world. Youth must be empowered to become the growth engine of the country. He called upon Rotary members to work with dedication against drug addiction.

Tremendous development is taking place in sectors like industries, service sector, tourism, agriculture. The women, the deprived sections who had to face discrimination for decades, have gained new confidence. Today the youth of Jammu Kashmir have become a major contributor in nation building. One lakh crore rupees are being spent on infrastructure. New roads are being built in every corner of J&K. The dream of a rail route from Kashmir to Kanyakumari is being realized.

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