Universal Screening

Universal Screening

Recently Secretary Health of Jammu and Kashmir reviewed Universal Screening, Management, Continuum of Care of Non Communicable Diseases, Common Cancers.

He chaired a meeting to review Universal Screening, Management and Continuum of Care of Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and Common Cancers here at Civil Secretariat.

State Nodal Officer, NHM, J&K, gave a detailed presentation highlighting the status of NCD screening, management and continuum of care. The key highlights of the presentation were that UT of J&K has enrolled 45.36 Lakh individuals aged 30 years or more into the NCD portal. Of these, more than 41.48 Lakh individuals have been assessed for risk factors for NCDs.

A total of 30.42 lakh individuals among these have been screened and 4.9 Lakh examined. Till now, 1.75 Lakh have been put under treatment for NCDs, which will be followed up to ensure that they have a controlled disease status. This was followed by district wise status of NCD screening and continuum of care. Key challenges in universal screening, diagnosis and follow up for hypertension, diabetes and common cancers was also discussed.

He emphasized the need for Universal Screening Management and Continuum Care of Non Communicable Diseases and Common Cancers especially among the 30 Plus population, which is highly vulnerable to it. He stressed upon the team based care approach by way of establishing linkages between specialists, Medical Officers and front line workers for improving quality of screening, identification of persons with NCDs and putting them under control.

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