Young innovators

Young innovators

Youth clubs are playing an important role to push the government initiative for the mission youth.

In this connection recently DC Srinagar has asked for the establishment of a district youth centre so that the youth are inspired to show their talent including innovation.

He called for finalising the lists of young innovators and achievers in the District to identify young talent. He also stressed for holding workshops in Colleges and Schools, ITIs and Poly-Technique Institutions to sensitise students/youth about different youth centric Skill Development and Livelihood generation schemes under Mission Youth initiatives like PARVAAZ, MUMKIN, TEJASWANI etc.

The Culture Department was asked to organize recreational and social engagement programmes under Mission youth programme.

With regard to available sports fields facilities in Srinagar, he asked for conducting Tehsil and Ward wise mapping of sports grounds so that facilities are made available in such areas having no sports fields.

He stressed on proper coordination among line Departments and said Youth Clubs will be the nerve centres for all Youth programs, Community involvement, IEC, Sports and Cultural activities, besides in Skill development and livelihood generation.

He said to positively engage the youth and make them important stakeholders in the development all possible support, guidance, counselling, education oriented skill development and sports/recreation etc has been envisaged in Mission Youth for overall development of the young generation will be provided with well planned interventions for their livelihood generation.

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