Jammu club

Jammu club

The Jammu club has played an important role in shaping cultural and social life in Jammu. Recently LG Manoj Sinha inaugurated new facilities at Jammu Club.

He congratulated the members of Jammu Club for their immense contribution to cultural and social welfare programmes.

He appreciated 3000 members of the club for working as change agents and the consciousness of the society.

He said Amrit Kaal is an opportune occasion to remove all traces of colonial mindset and promote our clubs as a medium for community development and to inspire social change.

Administration and citizens have a shared responsibility to build an inclusive & developed J&K. It is time for everyone to introspect because rights & duties are two sides of the same coin. We must pay for services wherever necessary so that UT moves faster on the development trajectory.

He said governments are working with dedication, commitment and with a people-first approach to transform the life of the common man. Each one of us will have to play an equally important role to effectively counter the misinformation on property tax and convey the truth and facts to the general public.

He said the society does not progress only because of infrastructure and material comforts, but by discharging responsibilities.

He said, Jammu Kashmir is the last among the states/UTs to introduce the provision of property tax which is the least as compared to other regions.

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