Auto appeal system

Auto appeal system

Recently the Chief Secretary of Jammu launched an auto appeal system for the vital services of the Revenue Department. He asked for integrating it for the designated 43 services, speeding it up for all the 105 PSGA services.

He launched the PSGA auto-appeal feature for the 08 online services offered by the Revenue Departments. The feature is going to auto escalate the appeals in case the services are not provided to the applicant within the time limit set under the Public Services Guarantee Act (PSGA).

He called this step revolutionary. He applauded the IT Department for integrating this feature in the vital digital services offered by the  Revenue Department to the citizens. He directed for integrating this Auto-appeal feature for all the designated 43 online services by March end this year. He also advised them to work for activating this feature for all the 105 services specified under the Public Services Guarantee Act (PSGA) at the earliest.

He stated that these services form the bulk of the applications of citizens.  He called that making the auto-appeal feature active for services related to  everyday life of the people  like availing of documents like income, domicile, legal heir, Marriage, Unemployment, Character and Category certificates are very pivotal in furthering the career or securing jobs for the youth and therefore have been prioritized  for inclusion in the Auto-appeal system.

He made out that the benefits like old age, widow pensions besides scholarships under various social security schemes etc should also be included in the system forthwith.

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