Basic workers

Basic workers

Recently Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir has appreciated the administration completing appointment of around 10000 Lumberdars/ Chowkidars.

He highlighted that the role of these basic workers in times of accidents and disasters in their areas would give Administration an instant information about the same for their early intervention and start of rescue operations. He made out that these people would also act as link between people and the administration to raise their genuine grievances before the authorities for the timely redressal of such grievances.

The meeting was apprised that there are total 7056 sanctioned posts of Lumbedars and 2718 posts of Chowkidars in the UT. Out of these 2220 previously appointed Lumbedars and 1165 Chowkidars were found eligible to continue doing their work after verifying their character and antecedents.

It was further revealed that 4832 Lumberdars and 1553 Chowkidars were found worth replaceable and process was initiated to do so as per the rules in vogue. It was also made out that besides appointing each of them on the merit the character and antecedents of all of them including the old continuing ones has been sought from the concerned authorities. Except a handful of them the suitable candidates against all these vacancies were selected as per law, as was discussed in the meeting.

It was also learnt during the meeting that the role and responsibilities of these workers are going to be revamped as per the requirement of modern times. This is going to ensure bringing a change in the administration transforming it towards more responsive, responsible, transparent and accountable in disbursing its day to day affairs.

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