Agriculture sector

Agriculture sector

Central government has decided to provide a huge budget for the agriculture and allied sectors in Jammu and Kashmir.

In the latest budget for Jammu and Kashmir agriculture and allied sectors will get Rs 3156 cr in 2023-24 budget.

The Holistic Agriculture Development Plan (HADP) will create 2,87,910 jobs in agriculture, allied sectors,  and will create 18,861 new business enterprises.

To create an enabling environment for transforming J&K agriculture and allied sectors in order to increase farmer income, ensure food security and accelerate UT’s economic growth, Rs 3156 crore have been allocated for these vital sectors in the budget for 2023-24.

A Holistic Agriculture Development Plan has been rolled out with 29 proposed projects worth an outlay of Rs 5012 crore to be implemented over a period of next 5 years.

An official said that the novel initiative will create additional job opportunities for 2,87,910 people in agriculture, horticulture and allied sectors besides 18,861 new business enterprises will be created over the period of next five years.

Under the ambitious project, the government will create  67000 Metric Ton CA Storage Capacity enabling the farmers to store their produce for better returns.

The Jammu and Kashmir government is encouraging and aiding private players to set up cold storage (CA) facilities in order to reduce post harvest losses by increasing the shelf life of various agriculture and horticulture products, as well as to address the issue of distressed crop sales by farmers.

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