Development of agriculture

Development of agriculture

Central government has a sharp focus on the development and enhancement of agriculture and allied sectors in Jammu and Kashmir.

After the expert committee has recommended the acceleration of growth in different sectors of agriculture, the government is releasing the funds for the same.

Recently J&K Govt got Rs 560 cr on agriculture, allied sectors under HADP, this initiative is to boost market ecosystem, benefit farmers, consumers in Jammu and Kashmir.

The agriculture and allied sectors in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir are poised for significant growth and boost with the launch of a slew of technological advancements and extension programs.

These interventions, incentivized through various schemes and projects, have already led to improvements in quality and quantity of produce in the region.

The challenge remains in integrating smallholder produce with market systems that are both effective and transparent. This will ensure that farmers receive a fair price for their goods while consumers get good value for their money. To tackle this issue, Jammu and Kashmir is implementing a project under Holistic Agriculture Development Program (HADP) that aims to strengthen the existing market infrastructure and create a robust market ecosystem that caters to the needs of all stakeholders.

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