New transport

New transport

The Union Government has kept a handsome budget for the modernization of transport in Jammu and Kashmir.

Apart from this the Tribal Affairs Department has procured 40 trucks for the transportation of nomadic families from Jammu to Srinagar so that they do not have to complete the distance by foot.

Transport facilities are being made available to tribal families for the seasonal migration of their goods and cattle this year also, the budget document reads.

In this year’s budget, more Milk villages will be established with an aim to support milk production and supply chain besides providing sustainable employment opportunities to youth. Also, market linkage would be created for tribal products like milk, mutton, sheep wool, leather etc.

The budget has kept a provision for setting up of more smart classrooms for tribal children and tracking of educational, healthcare and economic status of the nomadic population. Besides, the budget has a provision for  providing scholarships to 124300, Pre-Matric students (1st-8th) belonging to Scheduled Caste/Other Backward Classes/ Economically Backward Classes/ Physically Challenged Persons categories.

All the Child Care Institutions (CCIs) would be developed on a modern pattern with best living conditions for the inmates under the new budget. Besides, 1700 inmates in 19 Bal Ashrams and 12 Nari Niketans would be covered under the initiative.

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