Model villages

Model villages

The Government of Jammu and Kashmir is focusing on the village level development and recently Chief Secretary held panchayat level convergence meetings.

He said that efforts have to be put in place so that all aspiring villages move to model villages as quickly as possible as per the norms of the government of India. He disclosed that ranking of panchayats will be done based on set parameters and panchayats should move ahead while the government will act as a facilitator.

He enquired about the usage of digital services in villages and whether people are being benefited. The villagers expressed satisfaction over the use of online services and said that the online mode has saved them a lot of time and money. He told them to ensure convergence of sectoral plans in the District and UT plans as per the nature and scope of the work and impressed  upon completion of all works before December end.

He asked the representatives and village level workers about the functioning of Schools, Health Centres, AnganwadiCentres and other village institutions. He also took appraisals from them about different amenities like condition of roads, water, electricity and monthly ration provided to them. He even enquired from each of them about the status of Sports stadiums, online services and Door-to-Door collection of waste in their villages. He made it a regular feature to reach out to people at grassroots level for directly taking feedback from them about the working of administration and listening to their suggestions and grievances for making instant resolutions and passing on directions to the concerned officers for taking necessary action.

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