Tap water for all

Tap water for all

In order to provide safe drinking water to every household in Jammu and Kashmir Chief Secretary recently fixed July 15 as the deadline for completing this Mission here.

In a virtual meeting in different districts he was told that  with due diligence, revision of 113 DPRs has been carried out and the cost of schemes brought  down to Rs 1233.40 Cr from 1755.23 Cr. It was informed  that the average rate of FHTCs has increased from 10-15 per day to 500-600 per day which is going to touch 1000 FHTCs by the end of this month.

It was also apprised that the award and initiation of works had substantially increased recently and just 19% of critical works remains to be allotted now.

Giving details about various components of this Mission it was said that out of 1259 Dug Wells/Tube Wells, 1008 stand allotted. Moreover, out of 556 Over Head Tanks,  399 stand allotted. Similarly 281 Rapid Sand Filtration Plants had been allotted out of 467 such schemes.

As far as the progress of the Mission is concerned it was said that 6778 Pani Samities had been constituted which held around 8947 meetings to monitor the works efficiently. It was further revealed that 8513 persons had been trained for Operation & Maintenance of these water supply schemes.

It was informed that around 18,245 women had been trained for use of field testing kits and 4512 kits provided to the concerned Pani Samities.  These steps are contributing  to  achievement of  goals of the Mission.

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