Scientific approach

Scientific approach

The Government of Jammu and Kashmir is focusing on a scientific approach to make agriculture and horticulture a technology driven business.

Recently the Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir was speaking at Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences & Technology (SKUAST).

He advised the Agricultural University to draw an action plan based upon the suggestions of experts and scientists to tackle future problems. He impressed upon them that the future is going to be technology and knowledge driven and there is need to prepare for accepting the challenges.

Elucidating he maintained that the technologies like gene editing and gene splicing are becoming modern realities now. He said that the days are not far when the world would see production of meat and other products in manners that may look like fiction today. He stated that many technological advances we witness currently were unthinkable just a few decades back. He urged that undue resistance to change is not the optimal way forward. Being careful but not being paralysed holds the key to a prosperous future.

He recalled that from the last couple of years J&K has made big strides in adoption of modern technology even in governance and offering of different services to the public. He reiterated that J&K is going to be 2nd to none in swiftly adopting the modern technology, tools and methods to attain sustainability in food production and livestock development.

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