Proposal to revive cargo train with Iran, Turkiye

Proposal to revive cargo train with Iran, Turkiye

LAHORE: Welcoming the inauguration of the Pak-Iran border market, Pakistan Business Forum (PBF) leader Ejaz Tanveer has suggested re-launching a cargo train between Pakistan, Iran and Turkiye to reap the maximum benefit of formal trade between the three countries.

“A successful experience has already been done in the near past and should be initiated on a permanent basis which can lead to increased trade between these three countries by providing a faster, more cost-effective and more reliable transportation option for goods,” he said in a press statement issued on Tuesday.

This could lead to increased economic growth and job creation as Turkiye is the gateway to Europe while a cargo train can travel to Europe in just 15 days via Turkiye. He said Pakistan should take advantage of this strategic location of Turkiye and introduce a more reliable and safe transportation mode for cargo.

He said it could diversify Pakistan’s trade routes, reducing the country’s reliance on sea and air transportation, which can be affected by geopolitical tensions and other risks.

The cargo train project could also provide a boost to Pakistan’s logistics industry by creating new opportunities for logistics providers, freight forwarders, and other businesses involved in the transportation of goods, he added.

Published in Dawn, May 24th, 2023


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