Work in progress

Work in progress

During the current financial year, J&K administration is busy in completing work undertaken by different agencies.

The works are being reviewed and monitored by the higher authorities.

Recently Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir reviewed the performance of different Departments regarding pace of the Developmental works and overall expenditure of Departments duringĀ  2022-23.

The meeting was also attended by the officers from the Expenditure Division-I and II besides those of the Budget section from the Finance Department.

The emphasized that the Capex Budget is the actual portion of the budget the utilization of which creates durable public assets. He emphasised on efficient planning so that the expenditure outcomes are maximized.

He observed that there is a manifold increase in the number of works completed in recent years and during the past few years the number has grown very substantially. He urged upon the officers to strategize spending for meeting the targets for completion of works during the current financial year.

He advised the officers to set monthly targets for completion of works so that the March-rush at the fag end of the financial year is avoided here. He called for setting a timeline for each project and allied activities to be carried under it. He told them to have periodical reviews at their levels to ensure that the timeframe set for each activity is complied with.

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