CS conducts late night city tour to assess progress of Smart City projects

CS conducts late night city tour to assess progress of Smart City projects

SRINAGAR, JULY 13: Chief Secretary, Dr Arun Kumar Mehta Wednesday went on a late evening visit of the Srinagar city to take stock of the double shift of works under progress under Srinagar Smart City Limited.

On the occasion he was accompanied by Principal Secretary, Housing and Urban Development Department; Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir and CEO, Smart City Srinagar.

The tour commenced from the under-construction traditional Souq market and craft center, followed by visits to civil lines area of Batmaloo, Ghanta Ghar and sports arena at MA Road here.

 The Chief Secretary was informed that the Souq Market project aims at revitalizing the traditional craft-making by integrating modern infrastructure and amenities while preserving its cultural and architectural heritage. He said that the ongoing works should ensure that the design aligns with the vision of creating a vibrant and attractive marketplace.

Dr Mehta also assessed the measures taken towards  incorporation of smart elements into the city infrastructure such as intelligent lighting systems, waste management facilities, and digital connectivity to enhance the overall shopping experience and promote sustainable practices in the city.

He also visited Batmaloo, where he inspected works on various aspects of urban development. He reviewed the progress of initiatives aimed at improving urban mobility, such as the development of intelligent transportation systems and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure including smart public transportation systems, viz,  GPS-enabled buses, digital ticketing services, and real-time passenger information systems.

Additionally, the Chief Secretary assessed the construction of cycling tracks and the integration of smart traffic management solutions to alleviate congestion and enhance the overall transportation network in the area.

The Chief Secretary visited the historical landmark of Ghanta Ghar. Here they inspected the ongoing restoration and preservation efforts as part of the Smart City project. He noted that the traditional architecture and heritage of the area should be incorporated with modern amenities besides  smart solutions.

He also assessed the progress of heritage conservation projects, including the renovation of old buildings and the beautification of public spaces surrounding this historical monument of Ghanta Ghar. The current efforts aims at preserving the historical significance of the area, attract tourism, and create a visually appealing environment for residents and visitors in and around the city centre.

It was given out that the government’s commitment to transform Srinagar into a smart and sustainable city was evident, and the officers discussed strategies to overcome obstacles and ensure the successful completion of the projects on time while preserving the cultural heritage.

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