Ease of living

Ease of living

Government has taken a lot of steps in Srinagar city for proper management of smart city projects.

Recently LG Manon Sinha commended the efforts of the Municipal Corporations, Srinagar Smart City Limited and line departments for making the life of common citizens’ better and providing quality services for ease of living.

He called upon the people of Jammu Kashmir to identify the elements who are trying to create disruption in the peace and development process.

Tendency to classify terrorists must end immediately. There should be no double standards for terrorism. Those who are trying to create distinction are enemies of peace & development. We must isolate such individuals as they are the gravest threat to peace and growth of society.

He inaugurated Srinagar Data Network (SD-Net), the 175 Km underground Cities Fibre Optic Intra-Net under Srinagar Smart City. The Data Network project will make Srinagar a connected city, fostering smart governance for the well-being of residents.

Mayor SMC said the inauguration of various initiatives of Srinagar Smart City today is another milestone towards developing Srinagar as a vibrant and sustainable city.

Chief Secretary impressed on Srinagar Smart City Ltd and all stakeholder departments to move ahead with a resolution to make Srinagar a more happening and modern city and chalk out modalities for a self-sustaining model of governance. Sh Athar Amir Khan, Commissioner SMC and CEO Srinagar Smart City gave a detailed overview of the key features of projects inaugurated.

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