Panchayat development

Panchayat development

In order to monitor development at panchayat level, the government of Jammu and Kashmir has tried to make the system transparent.

Recently the Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir launched ‘Aspirational Panchayat’ dashboard for monitoring rankings of 4291 Panchayats.

It was also brought out that the data entry for each month has to be done at the Panchayat level which has to be validated at Block and authenticated at District level. It was revealed that for the capacity building of the staff, a training module has been conceived for them to make this exercise efficient. Aspirational Panchayat Development Programme (APDP) has been conceived on the analogy of“Aspirational Block Development Programme” of UT of J&K. It has been conceived for holistic development of Aspirational Panchayats over a period of time. The process included rating all the 4291 Panchayats spread over 285 Blocks in 20 Districts of Jammu and Kashmir on defined socio-economic indicators.

Pertinently, the 100 measurable indicators (KPIs) across 9 Sectors include Agriculture & allied Activities (6 indicators), Health & Nutrition (11 indicators), Education (13 indicators), Rural Development & Sanitation (7 indicators), Individual Beneficiary Oriented Schemes (4 indicators), Skill Development (4 indicators), Basic Infrastructure (17 indicators), Environment (5 indicators), & Good Governance (33 indicators). These provide insight into existing status and will also capture incremental progress over a period of time. On the basis of importance of these sectors, weights had been assigned to each sector and sub-indicators as per relevance in the life of rural population.

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