Combined team efforts

Combined team efforts

Recently LG Manoj Sinha said that many initiatives have been taken by his administration to make the governance system more transparent, accountable and responsive.

Digital J&K has given many unique and incredible digital-first experiences. In future, the outcome of combined team efforts of UT would be cited as the best and leading administrative reforms.

J&K is the first in the country to integrate the auto-appeal feature to the service platform. The on-boarding of 300 public services on the auto appeal system will ensure the quality and timely disposal of services.

This feature will auto escalate the appeals in case the services are not provided to the applicant within time limit set under Public Services Guarantee Act and it will establish the most transparent public services delivery system.

He underlined the need to address the local needs by integrating digital based solutions.

Digital J&K is in the middle of the journey. We have attained functional scale, now time is for population scale and next is big transformational scale. The need is to use technology massively and further enhance the UT systems based on the underlying principle of digital born J&K 2.0.

He released an e-compendium of transformational Digital Services and launched an AI- based Facial Recognition attendance application. He also flagged off Digi-Yatra under IEC activities.

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