Road safety measures

Road safety measures

Government of Jammu and Kashmir is trying to save the lives on the roads as many people have lost their lives by not adhering to the traffic rules.

Recently RTO Kashmir took strong action against Drivers driving without helmets.

The authorities have been working tirelessly towards creating awareness about the importance of wearing helmets while riding two-wheelers, despite these efforts some individuals continue to disregard the safety regulations, putting their lives and the lives of others at risk.

It was made clear that the RTO Kashmir is committed to ensuring road safety and will not tolerate any negligence in this regard.

Under the provisions of the MVA, it is mandatory for all two-wheeler riders to wear helmets. Failure to comply with this requirement not only violates the law but also endangers the safety of the individual and others on the road.

The RTO Kashmir urges all two-wheeler riders to prioritize their safety and adhere to the helmet-wearing rule.

In the road mishaps in the past few years, many youth lost their lives as they were not wearing helmets. Parents and the general public should cooperate with the authorities and wear helmets so that in the mishaps they do not suffer fatal injuries.

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